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Welcome to the campaign website for Diane Mullins. Diane is running for State Rep. in Butler County House District 53. Diane is a Christian, Conservative, and a Republican.

  • Patriotic American supporting our Constitution, the military, police, firefighters & first responders
  • Advocate for business: Stronger Businesses = Stronger Families
  • Reduce taxes & burdensome regulations
  • Fiscal Conservative: Wise stewardship of tax dollars with a safety net for those who truly cannot help themselves
  • Protect the Unborn & Promote Adoption
  • Supports Second Amendment & the individual rights of law-abiding gun owners
  • Favors limited government as our founders intended
  • Author and Speaker
  • Founder of Deborah's Voice, with 13,000 Christian Conservative women as members
  • Humanitarian efforts in Alaska, Haiti, Armenia, Mexico & South Africa  
  • Founder of after-school program at New Miami Elementary School where under privileged children are given tutoring, mentoring and meals.

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